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Management - Communication

Powerful Presenting
Amanda Vickers & Steve Bavister

Book Condition: Used - Like New  ?

Pages: 93

New Book List Price: 375.00

Used Book Price : Rs.85

in stock

How To Present Like A Pro
Lani Arredondo

Book Condition: Used - Very Good  ?

Pages: 180

New Book List Price: 1685.00

Used Book Price : Rs.165

Out of stock

Shut Up and Listen!
Cary Cooper and Theo Theobald

Book Condition: Used - Very Good  ?

Pages: 186

New Book List Price: 325.00

Used Book Price : Rs.75

Out of stock

Talk Like TED
Carmine Gallo

Book Condition: Used - Good  ?

Pages: 278

New Book List Price: 599.00

Used Book Price : Rs.140

Out of stock

Reality Check
Guy Kawasaki

Book Condition: Used - Very Good  ?

Pages: 474

New Book List Price: 1999.00

Used Book Price : Rs.385

in stock