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More about the Book

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Bindi Babes

Publisher : Random House India

Quality : Used - Good  

Pages : 183

Format: Paperback

Category : Children 10 to 14 - Chapter Books

New Book List Price: 225.00

Used Book Price : Rs.95

You Save: Rs.130

Book Summary

Meet Amber, Jazz and Geena—three feisty, fun-loving Brit Punjabi sisters who’ve ruled the roost—and over their dad—ever since their mum died. The most popular girls in school, they’re also the trendiest, most sorted babes in town, everyone knows. What they most certainly DON’T need is an interfering Auntie-ji from India inviting herself over to their home in England and cramping their style—which is exactly what their dad organises. Until now they’ve been living life bindi babe style, eating takeaway, buying the most fashionable new accessories, watching TV until midnight—and even getting their homework done. But Auntie is determined to change all this. Pizzas are switched for roti-sabzi, and new rules are put in place: restricted TV hours, homework schedules and, horror of horrors, bedtimes. She’s even got Dad convinced that he is spending too much money on the girls! Can you imagine? The girls decide the only way out is an arranged marriage—enter Mr Arora, the dream boat teacher who just might whisk Auntie off in his arms and into the sunset