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More about the Book

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The Circus of Adventure

Publisher : MacMillan

Quality : Used - Good  

Pages : 259

Format: Paperback

Category : Children 10 to 14 - Adventure & Mystery

Goodreads Rating : 4/5

New Book List Price: 175.00

Used Book Price : Rs.90

You Save: Rs.85

Book Summary

Who is the strange pompous boy whom Bill has invited to his home for the holidays? The children soon discover that he is a prince, named Aloysius Gramondie, and has enemies on his trail. The enemies want to overthrow his uncle, who is too strong a ruler for his enemies, and to place the prince, who is just 11 years old, on the throne as a puppet ruler. Jack and Kiki find themselves following the others who are kidnapped and taken to a strange country of Tauri Hessia; but they find help in a circus, and with his new friends Jack will soon decide the fate of an entire nation.